Here is a selection of most commonly asked questions when arranging a funeral:

Funeral FAQs


How much does a funeral service cost in Perth?

Funeral Service prices can vary a great deal. A typical burial can cost somewhere between $7000 and $10000.

Is cremation cheaper than a burial funeral?

Yes, a cremation is usually cheaper than a burial.

Do I have to sign anything?

Yes. You will need to sign the Application for Burial that will be submitted to the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.

Cremation FAQs

What Happens to the coffin?

The coffin is cremated too. Any metal that remains is removed magnetically.

Do we get all the ashes?

Yes, all of the ashes are carefully collected by the crematorium staff.

How do we know we are getting the right ashes?

The crematoriums are completely cleared after every service so only the ashes of one person are present at any time.

How long does the cremation take?

Generally the process takes around 70 minutes.
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact Seasons.


Arranging to say goodbye to a loved one is a complicated process, and it is inevitable that you will have many questions. If you can’t find the answer to your questions about our funeral services, please contact us.