Seasons Funeral Homes Perth, WA:
Grief & After Care

The grief felt over the passing of a loved one doesn’t go away after the funeral has ended and the guests have left the chapel. Nor does it pass after burial or a post-cremation ashes scattering. That is why the support that Seasons funeral homes provide to families doesn’t end there either.

As a funeral director, keeping in touch with families in our community and making sure that they are coping is essential. We want to help you through the grief process and help you keep memories alive. Indeed, our directors can help this process from the first meeting, through the service and other difficult events such as repatriation, right through to life “after the event”. We like to think our care is open-ended.


Life Coaching

Do you feel like you have lost some direction in your life following the death of your loved one? Would you like to find peace in your grief? You are not alone.

Seasons are proud to host life coaching workshops addressing the challenges of going through grief, presented by Personal Life Coach Mary Argese. These eight-session workshops will take you on your own, individual journey to embrace the future from today – with group support and facilitation.

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Grief is a process, not an emotion. Our funeral homes’ brochures, available from all of our Perth-wide chapels, aim to provide support on how to cope during such a difficult period.


Giving Thanks

When you finally begin to see new hope after your loss, you may wish to thank those who came to pay tribute to your loved one. Seasons funeral homes collect the details of those who attend the service. We collect them (either as attendance cards or through our iPad register) and pass them on to you.

When you feel the time is right, you have the information you need to thank those who came.