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"We are Storytellers ...

Stories that tell of your loved one's life. Stories that make their life live on.
Stories told by our family to honour your family.
Memorable stories. Stories that deserve a memorable funeral."


A Seasons funeral is a memorable way to celebrate a life and to tell, share and rejoice the life story of departed loved ones. Today there are many ways to pay tribute to the deceased. It should be a tribute which matches your loved ones’ personality.

One of the most popular choices is to have the funeral in one of our funeral chapels, located around the Perth metropolitan area. We have also conducted funerals on golf courses, bowling clubs, family homes, even on a boat on the Swan River.

Regardless of the location, it’s our job to help you say goodbye to them by providing a service that makes a difficult time as manageable as possible. At the most difficult of times in your life, the procedures can be long with many different steps and you may ask yourself: “Is it really necessary to do all of these things?” and “where do I start?” amongst many other questions.

This site aims to help you by providing as much relevant information as possible. Your Funeral Director at Seasons will be in direct contact with you and assist you throughout the process.

Did You Know

Funeral Notices Western Australia and Funeral Notices Perth

We frequently get asked about the notice process. Obituaries in the local newspapers are one of the popular methods of funeral notifications. You can click here to learn about placing death notices and Funeral Notices in WA (specifically funeral notices in Perth).


Cremations Perth

Seasons provide burial, natural burial and cremations based funeral services. It is true that around 80% of Western Australians now choose cremation in Perth and we frequently get asked many cremations questions. Click here to learn more about cremations.